Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Night She Disappeared By: April Henry

Kayla is a High School student, who works at a Pizza Shop called Pete's part-time. One night she works for her friend Gabie. That night Pete's receives an order to be delivered, where a man orders a pizza giving the fake address for the delivery. He is hoping for Gabie, but Kayla drives her car and goes ahead looking to find the address in the dark. She wants to make a delivery of the pizza. Near a river in a deserted area Kayla meets someone she must have recognized there. She got out of the car to meet him. The man knocks her unconscious , and throws her into his vehicle. He takes her to his house. Locks her in a room of his house. He brings her food, and water but not often. He demands that Kayla call him Master. She plays along. It takes fourteen days to find where Kayla is located. Drew and Gabie were snooping around, and decide to call the Police to help them out. They find Kayla in poor condition in a room of the house. Dirty, and thin was Kayla when she was found by Drew, and Gabie. The Police arrived late at the scene. So Gabie, and Drew had to get some weapons to use that were in their cars to help Kayla out of her situation, and to give her some help. Gabie arrives in Miguel's car and reports to the police, and thinks she has located where Kayla is. The good thing is the man Miguel does not have a real gun, it is only a BB Gun. Kayla made some weapons from different things she had in her room. She whacks the kidnapper when he unlocks her door to the locked door in the face, and blood was drawn. She tries to hit him with a tire iron,but Kayla misses, but Miguel, puts screwdriver into Kayla's neck .All of a sudden sirens are heard, and police are coming. The police get to the house, and call ambulance for the injured. Even though the teens were injured. Drew, Gabie and Kayla were rescued and taken to the Hospital. The novel was very good, and a thriller to read.

LRD 5/3/12

Kayla, Drew and Gabie work for Pete's Pizza. Kayla and Gabie have cars so they do the deliveries. On one fateful night, Gabie asks Kayla to switch nights with her. That night a man calls in an order for three meat monsters pizza delivered at what turns out to be a fake address. Drew is taking the order and finds the voice familiar but cannot connect it to a face. The voice asks for Gabie, but its Kayla delivering. That night Kayla does not come back. Drew calls 911. Her car is later found by the river along with a bloody rock. It looks like she knew the person she met there. There was a white truck seen in the area, perhaps the kidnapper. The story is told in alternating voices. Gabie and Drew are left behind to speculate. Drew wishing he could remember something about the call that would help the investigation. Gabie feeling guilt, it should have been her, after all. She's the one that the caller asked for. Both dealing with all the publicity, all the scary stuff like strangers coming to Pete's Pizza, like is Kayla dead? Will Gabie be next? They meet with the psychic investigator and Kayla's parents as well. When a possible suspect commits suicide there is an assumption that he did indeed kidnap Kayla and that she is dead. There is even a funeral. Kayla awakens, from being knocked unconscious, in a small locked, windowless room with a TV and a row of water bottles. A man she recognizes as a regular at Pete's occasionally brings her food. He demands that she call him MASTER. She is not the one he wanted. His frightening voice is heard only twice here's what he is thinking: Will Kayla work for his purposes anyway? How should he dispose of her? Should he try for Gabie again? Kayla's fear and her strength can be felt. And, she plans, making weapons from a broken plate and the slats of the futon she sleeps on. Then Drew hears the voice again, sees the owner, follows him to a near tragic action packed finale. Its the feelings of Kayla, Drew and Gabie, so real, so intense that make this story riveting.  Its Gabie's absolute beliefe that Kayla is still alive that  makes a reader want to race to the end. A fast, easy missing persons story, well worth the trip. JDW 5/8/12

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