Monday, May 14, 2012

Second Chance Summer by by Morgan Matson

This chick lit. This is a "beach read." This is similar to Nicholas Spark's book The Last Song, though with more plot and well rounded characters. I do not usually enjoy books like this. But, this is engaging. Taylor's brother Warren calls it the best of times, the worst of times for one of the many classic novels he has read. And, it was. Taylor's family has not been back to their summer cabin in the Poconos for five years. That summer ended badly for Taylor. Now her father is dying from cancer and wants to spend one last summer as a family, doing family things at the lake. Taylor is dreading the summer, she never apologized to the people she hurt. Big brother Warren has better things to do than hang around the cabin all summer. This is one reason the family had been renting out the cabin for the past years. Little sister Gelsey, doesn't know anyone, doesn't make friends well, just wants to dance. And so the summer begins, tentatively at first, then better and better as old friendships are renewed, Warren has his first real date, Gelsey makes a first real best friend, and sadly father slips away but leaves behind uplifting letters to all his kids to open upon high school graduation, college graduation, other special events over the years. And he also leaves behind his belief that his kids are alright, even though imperfect. This was well worth the read, and it doesn't take too long either. JDW 5/14

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