Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Every Day - David Levithan

Since the day he was born, A has woken up in a different body each day.  He doesn't interfere in the persons life unless he absolutely has to.  On day 5994 A wakes up in Justin and falls in love with Justin's girlfriend Rhiannon.  They have a perfect day by skipping school and have a picnic near the ocean.  After A leaves Justin all he can think about is Rhiannon.  A few days later he wakes up in Nathan and he goes to a party Justin and Rhiannon will be at.  It is there A, inside of Nathan, gets to dance and have a good time with her.  After A moves on to another person Nathan claims to have been possessed and his story spreads across the news.  A few days later A meets with Rhiannon at a bookstore and tells her what is going on.  It takes her a few days to process the whole situation, but accepts that A is a different person each day.  No matter what body A is in he sees her every day, unless he's to far away from her.  Nathan continues to hound him over e-mail about who and what he is.  A finally tells Nathan what is going on and that he wasn't possessed.  When Nathan sees A in two different people two days in a row, he starts to believe what A is saying is true. Rhiannon on the other hand thinks that it won't work out between them since A is a different person each day.  Can A and Rhiannon find a way to be together, or are they destined to love each other from afar?

I'm very glad I choose this book to read.  I loved the story and really liked how the book ended.  The way the story unfolds you as the reader will get sucked in. You feel what the characters feel, and that to me, makes a book really good and enjoyable when the author is able to do that. 


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