Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wizzywag by Ed Piskor

this story just like any other starts off with a simple kid named kevin who enjoys challenging things in life whether it is a puzzle or a situation that later rolls into becoming a one of the famous first time hackers. Kevin (the main character) was just a regular kids who got bullied in school but had a good close friend. these two would basically do everything together, but on main thing they liked to do was to figure things out. so a little bit down the line of the book they started to fool around with a phone booth that they would walk by all the time. they discovered that if you would whistle at a right pitch you would be able to use free long distance phone calls, as kevin being the main character he had perfect pitch to do this. but many other people could not do this, so they would need to get an illegal device called an "blue box". as being kids with an illegal toy the police question them on how they are getting free long distance calling on the phone booth. this is just a little bit of the begin, i have to say it is a little slow through some parts but it is a good read on my parts. "wizzywag" shows an interestingly perspective on the tail of a hacker who got blown way out of proportion by the media.

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