Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Forget Me Not - Carolee Dean

     This is a novel written in verse, it takes place at a high school and like any high school is full  of drama and self-discovery.  
    Ally, the main character, a high schooler that can not believe a picture of her is going around school being texted to everyone. She is afraid her life will be over, her reputation will be lost and she wants to figure out how everything got started.
    The counselor at the high school by the name of Mr. Toms has spoken to Brianna Connor, a teen attending the high school in order to investigate if she has anything to do with this but she denies sending a dirty picture of Ally
    Elijah has his own set of problems and can barely handle them, wants to know how he got into this deep hole and wants to find the solution of how to get out. He has landed in this hole after taking a whole bottle of over the counter sleeping pills, and now he can see ghosts.
   There is a link between Ally and Elijah, actually there is a link between Elijah and Ally because Elijah has been in loved with Ally and would do anything to save her.

Ally continues to try to have her normal life socializing with her friends, she attends a party where drugs are distributed for all to try but she is not interested in any drugs she wants to know how this picture got distributed.

The book takes a twist Ally has been in a accident and she ends up in a coma state, the accident shattered her two legs but the really twist was for Elijah becuase at the hospital something important happends Elijah kisses Ally. After this he reacts how could he do this if he knows she is at the hospital in a state were she is vulnerable and she is still trying to figure out her picture issues.

The book has a very interesting plot because it relates to what the current high school generation is dealing with. All this aspects of technology and issues about privatecy that we as a society are living now a days.
Most of all it has a great conclusion to how Ally and Elijah are able to solve their dilemmas and are able to mature and self-discover what they are really searching in life.
LRD&RPA 11/15/12

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