Friday, February 01, 2013

I am here! Vol1 by Ema Toyama

Imagine playing hide and seek. You wait and wait to be found only to discover that the other kids have forgotten about you.  Sad isn't it?

Well this happens to Hikage. A middle school girl who is shy, and often gets left behind in about everything. She gets ignored and often she is not able to voice her opinion due to not under confidence and used to be ignore by others who don't seem to be able to see that she's been there the whole time. Her only company are two online friends who often visit her blog.

Once entering middle school she vows to herself that everything will change and that she will make friends and not being ignored. Her luck does take  a turn for the better as two of the most popular boys in her school start talking to her. But is not as lucky as she thought will be, this event makes her the target of bullies and jealous girls. She finally gathers the courage to stand up for herself and as a result gains friendliness from the rest of her classmates.

Things start changing as one of her online friends suddenly says their good byes and is never heard from. Now she is in a quest to find out what happened to them. What other changes will Hikage go through? Will she find one of the only friends she have for the longest time?

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