Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Road Trip by Gary Paulsen and Jim Paulsen

As a person who prefers cats over dogs, I was a little hesitant about how I would feel about a book centered around a dog. Dog or cat lover aside, this is a cute and quirky book about learning to let go and enjoy the ride.

Ben's dad surprises him early in the morning with the idea of a road trip in order to pick up a border collie from a rescue shelter. It's a spur of the moment excursion that leaves Ben uneasy, especially when he learns that his dad quit his job in order to flip houses. Angry with his dad because this new career path affects whether nor or not Ben will be able to go to hockey camp, Ben invites his friend Theo along for the ride because he knows his dad doesn't like Theo. The three of them are now on this journey, along with the family dog Atticus. Before long, a number experiences happen that end with them traveling in a bus along with a mechanic named Gus and a waitress named Mia, all on the road to rescue a border collie and have a little adventure, which involves cars on fire, drag racing cops, and one or two other interesting experiences.

This book is definitely out there. Most of what happens probably would not happen in reality, but it's a fun experience. This novel is a quick read - it's only 114 pages long - but is filled with lessons about having faith in people, letting go and having fun, and realizing life isn't always going to be what you expected.

If you want something light and fun, pick up this book.

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