Thursday, February 28, 2013

Veronique by Victoria Christopher Murray

This is one of five short novels about a quartet of  gospel singing girls who call themselves The Divine Divas.  They are joined by back up dancers who call themselves the Three Y's Men.  The girls recently won a local competition and therefore a trip to New York.  Their church congregation is more than willing to support them financially and to provide escort.  The Y's men were chosen by the girls' coach to add more to their act and increase their chances of winning the New York City Competition.

Veronique has other dreams besides competing in the quartet.  She hopes to meet her biological father who is said to live in New York.  She is using her knowledge of the Internet to search for him.  Vee connects with someone who claims to be a parent finder and she willingly gives the person much personal information to help in hopes of finding him. Even when to person becomes kind of creepy she continues to communicate eventually arranging a meeting in New York. She is fortunate that her friends follow when she tries to slip out of the hotel against the escorts' rules.  Things don't turn out as she had hoped, in fact the police get involved.

Vee has a second dream of winning the competition and using the money to get her mother and half-brothers into a better home.  She wants all of them to get away from her mom's creepy and maybe abusive boyfriend.  The story ends just as the competition is beginning but all is well for now.

It would help to read all the books in the series to get the whole story and find out if the team wins.
The characters are likable and not perfect.  There is a bit of romance in the group, the Y's men each pick one of the girls to date, leaving one without a boyfriend.  Teens looking for a gentle, romantic series could do a lot worse than this.  We recommend it.

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