Friday, September 05, 2014

Android Angels by Kosuke Kabaya

We all dream about the perfect woman or man. What if you could get them in the future!?

Android Angels is a collection of short stories of a land far into the future. Here you can rent your own android butler or maid to live with you, or you can show them off to friends and/or family. But here is the catch, you can only do so for the span of three years, at most, four. Not only do we get an insight of the people who rent such luxury but also a morality battle. What happens after the four year lease? The memories of yourself get erased from the android. Is it wrong to erase and artificial life's memory. What happens to the person after the four year relationship is broken? Find out in the book!

Cute and simple art, this book is sure to drag into the story!

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