Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Find Me by Romily Bernard

This teen mystery/romance fiction tale received a couple of state awards in the author's native Georgia.  It is not bad.  For me it was a little predictable but for a teen perhaps it might not be so.

Wicket and her sister Lily lost their mother to suicide (her escape from an abusive, criminal husband) and their father is running from cops.  They have bounced around from one foster home to another until their lives stabilized with Bren and Scott.  Lily is settling in nicely and enjoying new clothes, new friends, a safe environment.  Wick, who had become a hacker partly to protect herself from her father by helping him and partly to help others receives a message and a diary of a girl who recently committed suicide.  The message simply says find me.  Through a series of traps Wick finds out Lily told Tassy, the dead girl's sister about Wick.  Wick finds out the dead girl committed suicide because an older male "friend" then rapist has his sights set on Lily.  A cop, Carson and the father of the dead girl are both watching Wick's home.  Wick believes Carson is hoping she will lead him to her father.  Wick believes the father is watching Lily.  Wick, not trusting the foster parents, not trusting the law, not trusting anyone but herself has taken it upon herself to protect Lily from the rapist and their father, to find the rapist, to keep whatever Carson is trying to find out secret and to help her father's friend Joe with the latest scam believing she must to keep herself safe.  Enter Griff, who truly finds her fascinating and truly cares about her and truly tries to get her to trust him.  Griff knows Joe and is somehow in on the scam.  Griff keeps insisting on seeing Wick and inserting himself into all the twisted issues in her life.  How can she trust someone who is helping Joe?  All the different threads eventually untangle quite satisfactorily but not before Wick and Lily are both nearly killed by the rapist who has stolen Lily.  I'm kind of annoyed by all the teen girls taking on dangerous crime solving solo rather than trusting someone but this time it makes for an exciting storywith a happy ending.

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