Friday, September 05, 2014

The thief of always by Clive Barker

I know what you are thinking. Cliver Barker is more well known for his horror novels than fables for children. Well this book is aimed for both groups, children and adults alike. So don't shrink at the side of this book, it is actually pretty interesting.

10-year-old Harvey finds no joy in his life. Boring teachers, classes, games, everyday of his life is ruled by boredom. That is, until one stormy night, a strange man name Roctus comes to his aid. Offering him an offer he hopes Harvey can't refuse. Rictus persuades Harvey into leaving home and visit the Holiday House. Thinking there is nothing to lose Harvey accepts and begins what will be a long journey.

Arriving to the House, Harvey meets Wendell and Lulu. Two people that would become his best friends and allies as they discover many of the secrets of the Holiday House.

Imagine having halloween every night and wake up to Christmas! Have lunch during spring, play during summer and prepare for fall.

Not only does the story drags you in but there is art at the end of each chapter. The Thief of Always is a must read!

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