Saturday, August 22, 2015

First Frost by Sarah Adddison Allen

I think fans of Nicholas Sparks and the Good Witch Movies on Hallmark would really enjoy this magical romantic story.

The Waverly family is the center of most of Allen's stories and the years do pass so readers might want to start at the beginning, but it isn't absolutely necessary.  Its October and everyone is waiting for First Frost and hoping for the party filled with food cooked by Claire Waverly who has a magical touch with food.  But Claire is deep into candy making and doesn't think she will get round to it.  Her daughter and husband pretty much lead their own busy lives.  Bay, helps her aunt even as she dreams of an unreachable boy in school.  Now, Claire has a talent for evoking emotions with her cooking whether it be peace, joy or something else altogether.  Bay is someone who just knows what goes with what and where so she knows which kids belong in college and belong together dating wise.  Bay's mother Sydney is known for creating the most fantastic and original hair do's.  Her husband Henry is from a family known to produce the strongest men in town and so it goes.  Part of the picture in this book is a receptionist at the hair salon who is most unreliable and has an out of wed-lock baby and a man in a suit who seems to be haunting the Waverly sisters and of course the apple tree in the backyard that lobs apples at people trying to entice them into eating and finding out their future.  Don't forget the house that needs a good talking to occasionally.  Romance prevails, Claire, creates a feast, more folks discover and embrace their quirky gifts and all ends quite well. 
Wonderful quick read.
jdw 8/22

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