Saturday, August 22, 2015

Gone Crazy in Alabama by Rita Williams-Garcia

This story follows One Crazy Summer and P.S. Eleven.  It is the continuing story of three sisters
Delphine, Vonetta and Fern.  The girls fight, tease, and otherwise get in trouble till everyone is on their last nerve.  Their father and stepmother send them to Alabama for summer vacation with their grandmother and other elders in the family, probably to get a much need break themselves. They learn their family's story including their start as slaves.  Tragedy strikes when Vonetta disappears into a tornado that damages a lot of property. Vonetta is found and all the girls grow up a bit.  I especially loved the greats and grands in this story who are so wise to the way of young slightly unruly girls and know just how to handle them.  You don't need to read the other books to appreciate this mostly fun and funny read but you're going to want to go back and read them too.

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