Saturday, August 22, 2015

we all looked up by tommy wallach

A strange light appears in the night sky.  As days go by reports begin.  This is a meteor.  There is over a 90% chance it will hit earth and devastate the land, the people.  It will hit in about two months time.  Named Ardor, it is a pretty good reason to act uncharacteristically.  And so we meet a variety of high school kids, athletes, slackers, overachievers, and some of their parents and a few other adults.  For some this is opportunity to step out of their usual and try things they always wanted to try, to free themselves from  over controlling parents, to plan a party for the end of the world.  Others, try to continue as if nothing is happening, even with reports on TV, in blogs and with infrastructure slowly breaking down.  And, some up their bad guy behavior rioting, vandalizing and the like.  Whatever they do, there is a lot of philosophy behind it, a lot of serious thought, and well what would you do?  What would it be like to know that the world as you knew it would surely end and you with it?  The end hasn't come yet as the book ends leaving readers to speculate  on the fate of the world.
This is tougher than many teen books today but well worth the read and I hope Wallach writes more substantive books for teens.

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