Monday, October 12, 2015

Damage by Amanda Panitch

Twins, a boy and a girl have been close since being born holding hands.  They have always done everything together.  Now in high school this togetherness is looked at as weird and Julia's brother wants to date other people, do things without Julia sometimes.  This is where things unravel, the brother commits a terrible crime and is thought to be dead.  The family moves and takes on new names, start new lives.  Brother, who has been looked on as a scary person due to past incidents is still alive.  There is still a threat that the horrid past will be revealed and the real truth will come out.  People begin to die, more terrible things happen.  I cannot tell too much as the revealing is the best part of this creepy book about sociopathic kids.  Keep on reading to the end, it isn't over till its over.
the truth is revealed and the future is uncertain.  This is for teens not quite ready for Gone Girl.


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