Monday, October 12, 2015

Friends For Life by Andrew Norriss

This short, easy to read book packs a lot in.  I highly recommend reading it.

We make friends for life sometimes, we become friends in school, any grade, and we are still firneds into adulthood and beyond.  But, there is another kind of friend, one who knows how it is to be you, who can see you through rough times and so preserve your life, make it worth living.

Jessica shows up on a bench outside of school dressed for warmer temperatures.  Francis is already there, eating his lunch in peace, dressed for the cold weather.  She is surprised when Francis can see her, he is the first, after all she is a ghost.  They have to be careful about the whole, nobody else can see her thing, Jessica and Francis become fast friends.  Jessica is able to help Francis out in any number of ways.  Francis is a bit of a misfit.  He seems to be destined to become the next great fashion designer and is not in to the cars, sports and the like.

Mom sees Francis thriving when before he was not so much and another misfit is introduced, who can also see Jessica.  then a third making this group a foursome.  These kids get sorted out as well and the families love that their kids are happy. 

There is more, they wonder why Jessica, the ghost, is hanging around and how she died.  They wonder if she has another purpose besides them.  They get into a bit of trouble when they aggressively stop the school bully, finally.  But this too is sorted out.   There is one final challenge for the group, then they have to let Jessica go, her mission on earth complete.  


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