Thursday, October 08, 2015

Orbiting Jupiter by Gary D. Schmidt

Suddenly getting a new foster brother might be a problem for most kids, but not for Jack. Joseph, the new foster brother, is not just a normal middle school kid. He has been around the block in more ways than one. Almost having killed a teacher, and being incarcerated at Stone Mountain might be the most unexpected part about Joseph, but it's not. Jack learns that his new brother not only has a daughter by the name of Jupiter, but also is very determined to find his baby girl. Just like any parent would. It was surprising to me that a kid at that age holds such unconditional love for a child like any adult, or young adult parent would. Same can be said about the relationship between Joseph, and Jack. Although they have not known each other too long, towards the end of the book, they love one another as if they have been siblings all their lives.  Jack always stood up for Joseph when kids would make fun of him and judge him. Due to Joseph's background, most of the staff and administrators at the middle school treat him like a rebel or a street kid due to his background, despite him being quiet and mature compared to most of the students. From searching for Jupiter, Joseph finding the closure he needed, and to the surprising end, this book ultimately took me on an emotional roller coaster in a good way. I recommend getting on the ride.

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