Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Easy for you to Say By: Miriam Kaufman M.D.

This is an excellent resource for teens , their families, teacher's, peers, and health card providers. The author who is a Doctor also offers practical, and honest advice in many areas that are important to teens. For most teens today, the teenage years are challenging enough. But for teens with chronic illness, the challenge is overwhelming to the point of withdrawal, and becomming isolated from peers.

Dr. Kaufman talks about how to cope physically, and emotionally with the limits, and differences imposed by chronic illness. Lots of teens deal everyday with problems arising from cronic conditions or disabilities. Teens take strong medications, and may undergo frequent, or painful medical procedures. But what is embarassing to the teen, is their appearance is different to their peers. The book of course is non-fiction, written in clear accessible language. It is a must to read.

LRD 10/18/06

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