Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Keeper of the Winds - Jenna Solitaire

Jenna lost both her parents when she was 5 years old, and lost her grandmother when she was 8. She's been living with her grandfather, and now he has passed away. A few days after the funeral she is cleaning the attic and finds a board with mysterious symbols on it. She asks her best friend Tom and his girlfriend Kristen to help decipher the symbols. She takes it to one of her professors and he acts very strange around it. Father Andrew introduces Jenna to Simon Monk who is here to help protect the keeper and the board of wind. At first Jenna doesn't accept her role as keeper of the board because she knows nothing about it, but when its taken and her friends are put in danger Jenna embraces her destiny. She is the keeper of the board of winds, and she must protect it with her life. The board is not good its evil and she is the only one who can control and hold back the board from unleashing its fury upon the world.

T. B. 10/10/06

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