Monday, October 16, 2006

Push By: Sapphire

This is a novel that could be true in African American culture, or in any American families. I was a Sociology major in College, and did further studies on families. A novel like thiis would be a must reading for Sociological students.

Your main personality is Precious Jones, who is illiterate, and sixteen years old who has noo street smarts. Precious is raped by her own Father, and her Mother finds out about how, and who is the Father. The Mother beats her, and makes her life unbearable. The authorities dismisss the case, aas one more casuality of Harlem.

Then Precious becomes pregnant with a second child by her Father. Precious meets a highly radical teacher who encourages her witth her education. Precious learns to write, and writes about her life. Precious is able to make it on her own for the first time. At the end of the novel,there are many cases, of events that have happened to people. It is interesting because, individuls have a different way of talking. I enjoyed the book very much, and it was a bit grafic in describing different happenings. This book is for a mature teen.

LRD 10/16/06

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