Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Aftershocks By: William Lavender

This novel is historical fiction written in the San Francisco,California area about the 1906 earthquake. It focuses on a middle class family, who the Father is a prominent Doctor, and well known in the community. The wife Catherine is considered a social butterfly by the society. They have two children , the boy is Corey, and the daughter is Jessie.

Jessie has a dream of becomming a Doctor, but does not have the funds to accomplish her goal.
Little does she know that when her Father has a major stroke while driving. He hits a lampost , and he is taken to the Hospital, and dies eventually.

When the Will is read to the family, Jessie finds out her Father has left sufficient money for Jessie to complete her medical degree.

Jessie finds out she has a sister called Lilly . She looks for her, and finds out she is an orphan at the Refugee Camp. Jessie then proceeds to make friends with the Doctor in charge of the Camp.
Little do we know the Doctor takes a keen interest in Lilly, and Jessie.

This book is worthwhile reading, and very interesting.

LRD 12/19/06

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