Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Life As We Knew It By: Susan Beth Pfeffer

This is a novel of hard times for a family that tries desperately to survive . They must ration their food, and use food they have carefully.

Next they loose their electricity, so their is no heat to keep warm.

Lastly, but not least, of importance a flu becomes a menace to everyone . Fortunately, the family of the book lives far from other people's houses. So the family is not exposed to foreign germs.

Concerning the little food they conserved. The Mother only ate one meal a day, and let her son Jon eat more food since he was growing.

When someone got sick they got Dr. Peter their family friend from the Hospital in town. For flu he said take asperin, and drink fluids. Then one day, the Mother fell down, and it was winter, and the daughter Miranda went to the Hospital. When she arrives two nurses said Dr. Peter died of exhaustion, and exposure to flu. The Mother got weaker, and kept falling, but the sons helped her.

Because of their wise planning, the family had food. A very good novel, and worth reading. Many practical lessons learned too. We must keep our faith, and never give up.

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