Thursday, December 28, 2006

from e to you by Chris d'Lacey and Linda Newberry

This is another email novel that turned out to be more than just pen pals telling each other about their everyday life. Annabelle and Guy are the children of two men who used to be friends. One day their parents decide that their children should create a correspondence because Guy is mourning the loss of his mother and could use a friend. Their personalities clash a bit in the beginning, but they soon form a fast friendship that leads to a bit more, but that's almost to be expected when two people of the opposite sex correspond. What makes this novel better than the previously blogged email novel is that this one includes a few little sub-plot mysteries. First there is the mystery of why their fathers are no longer friends when they used to be really close Then there is the mystery of this locket that Annabelle finds and her father tells her to forget about. Next comes the mystery of who Jane is and why is she so close to both of their fathers. And why is Mary Mary sending a love letter to Annabelle's father when she's married to Guy's father? These mysteries encourage the paranoid and creative side of the main characters creating crazy and enjoyable stories that make this novel more than just the correspondence of two pen pals.

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