Tuesday, December 05, 2006

TRUE NOTEBOOKS by Mark Salzman

Respected writer, Salzman is a volunteer writing teacher for the Inside OutSide Writing Project.
Volunteers lead groups of teens, waiting in juvenile hall in Los Angeles for trial and sentencing, in
writing classes. These are kids who take guns with them to see movies. They are kids who take a nod of a head as a threat and shoot first. These are murderers. They are kids who did not fully understand the impact of their actions at the time. They are kids whose hopes and dreams have ended. Many didn't have much to begin with. Now they have less. They are chameleons, one way on the outside, different on the inside. They write coherent, heart felt pieces that may win your sympathies. This is Salzman's moving story of the project and the writers.
JDW 12/5/06

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