Thursday, November 30, 2006

Never Die Alone By Donald Goines

This is a novel based on a true story that took place in New York City. It reveals the truth about a drug dealer's rise from the streets of poverty, to be known as King David. He became one of the King's of Cocaine power. Nothing ever stood in his way to gain fame. He would injure a senior citizen woman to rob her purse. King David would not care he he mixed battery acid with cocaine to gain revenge.

Then he King David made it big, and found others had not forgotten, and had no intention of forgiving. His enemies sought after him to cause him harm. They stabbed his body more than a few times, and left him bleeding on the street.

Paul Pawlowski found the body, and put King David in his car, and drove him to the Hospital. He had lost lots of blood, so he survived a couple of hours. King David left Paul his white cadillac, and a diary.

I believe noone on earth wants to bleed to death on a lonely street. This is a good book, with some lessons.

LRD 11/30/06

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