Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Certain Slant of Light by Whitcomb

This one is for readers who enjoyed Sebold's Lovely Bones.

Two spirits trapped on earth for reasons they don't understand, meet in a high school classroom though they are not themselves teens. The discover how to take over bodies of teens emptied of their own spirits. The fall in love. While occupying these foreign bodies they must learn to play the roles of the spirits who formerly resided there. And memories of their own pasts surface, allowing them to come to terms with their tragic deaths. One teen is a drug runner, who lives with his abusive brother, his mother is dead and father in prison. The other is from a very strict home where she is not allowed to have a personality of her own. At the same time they are growing to care about their caretakers and the spirits whose bodies they possess and discovering what is holding them to earth. They dramatically change the lives of all those around them before they move on into the light and final rest. Absolutely wonderful reading.
jdw 11/22/06

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