Monday, November 06, 2006

Invisible By: Pete Hautman

Main character is Doug Hanson who is constantly bullied. The girl at school is crazy, or inlove with, students call him a worm. Doug seems to have a hobby of building trains in his basement. His best friend Andy Morrow is a popular football star who could date any girl at school. Even though the teens talk about any subject together they are both quite different.

Doug becomes deeper into his own world, and looses his grip on realty. Mr. & Mrs. Hanson send Doug to a Psychiatrist, who then proceeds to place, him on medication. The pills give him a reaction , and make him sleepy.

This novel is a story that the reader experiences, rather than a read. When the novel is over,
and reads the idea of the book tends to linger in your mind . I felt Hautman had not finished, he kept the reader dangling.
LRD 11/6/06

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