Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sold By: Patricia McCormick

For me, this was a disturbing but real problem that happens often in the world. It has become very prevalent in lower income families. People sell their daughters for a high price because of need.

In this novel , the main character is Lakshmi, who is 13, from the mountains of Nepal. She has no clue the outcome of her life. She (Lakshmi) believes she is traveling far to become a rich ladies maid. But, instead after traveling for days, Lakshmi is sent to a brothel in Northern India.

Lakshmi encounters difficult circumstances with Mumtoz, who runs the place, and tells the young frightened girl she must work, and stay there until she pays off her family's debt. Mumtoz cheats Lakshmi her earnings , so she can never leave. The oother girls become her friends, and help Lakshmi to survive this way of life.

After months of having a life of prostitution, an American man visits Lakshmi, and does not want sex. He wants to help her get away from the place. He shows her pictures showing how he could get her out of this business.

Lakshmi's next big decision, will she risk everything for a chance to start a new life ? Read the book, and find out.

LRD 11/7/06

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