Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gil's All Fright Diner by A. Lee Martinez

This one is for fans of Douglas Addam's Hitchhiker and Spider Robinson's Callahan books. Charlaine Harris also writes wacky vampire stories which is just what this is.

The people of the desert town are accustomed to occurences of the supernatural variety. Those have been happening since Gil came to town and opened a diner 18-years ago then disappeared. Enter Earl and his new friend Duke. Seems Duke had become a werewolf unbeknownst to him and in an incident of rage attacked Earl who just happened to be a vampire. Being undead he just let Duke wind down then regenerated himself. After teaching Duke the ins and outs of being undead the two became friends of sort and began travelling together. They stopped one night for food at Gil's All Night Diner, now being run by Lorretta though it still needed work. The pair always travelled by nite - with a vampire driving they had to. Earl explains all the ins and outs of being a vampire to the curious Lorretta. In any case, shortly after their arrival there is a massive zombie attack which the duo thwart. After hearing Lorretta is in need of handyman help and believing they can solve the mystery of the zombie attack one of many in recent times they decide to stick around awhile. They battle increasingly bizzarre phenomena, consult Hector for advice on how to proceed. Earl falls in love with the ghost that guards the graveyard nearby. They don't know until the final, ultimate battle between good and evil, the battle to save the world that it is a rebellious teenage girl behind it all. Something the reader knows all along. Its a hoot of a novel. Its laugh outloud fun.
jdw 11/7/09

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