Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hell Phone by William Sleator

Nick is poor and his mother works two jobs just to pay bills and get food. Nick's girlfriend, Jen, is rich and she doesn't care that he is poor. She likes him and wants to be with him. Nick wants to get a cell phone so he can talk to Jen without using his house phone. He saves up enough money and buys a used cell phone for $20. It has no caller ID so when he starts getting calls from the previous owner, a woman named Lola, and a guy named Fleck, Nick has no idea what hell he's going to get himself into. Fleck gets Nick to release him from hell and tells him that his brother Rusty, wants to kill Lola to get an inheritance that is in a will. Rusty hangs out with Jen and she starts ignoreing Nick. One night when Fleck and Nick break into Rusty's house to get Jen away from him, Rusty is killed by Nick. What fate awaits Nick? You will have go to into hell and back to find out.

T. B.

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