Thursday, June 14, 2007

Confessions of a Teen Nanny by Victoria Ashton

This novel is the first of a new series. It introduces two friends, Adrienne and Liz, who both work as nannies for wealthy families. Most of the novel follows Adrienne and her time with the Warners. She’s hired to watch Emma, an eight year old genius, who the back of the books calls evil, but she seemed really nice. I kept picturing Dakota Fanning in Uptown Girls without the bratty attitude. Adrienne’s main problem comes with Emma’s half-sister, Cameron who invites Adrienne into her Paris Hilton type lifestyle. She gives Adrienne a makeover and expensive clothes and begins to turn her into a society figure, which doesn’t go over too well with Adrienne’s public school friends. Cameron also isn’t as friendly as she leads Adrienne to believe. It turns out the she’s after Adrienne’s boyfriend. The novel also has a sub-plot with Liz and her budding relationship with Parker, one of Cameron’s rich friends and he doesn’t seem to be the most genuine of guys.

Not much is resolved in the novel, which must mean this is one of those series that you can’t read out of order. It’s a light read with enjoyable characters. You can truly relate and feel for Adrienne who gets sucked into this lifestyle and its deception. Cameron is a stereotypical character and the premise might not be the most genuine, but it’s cute. There is alcohol and drug-use, which doesn’t paint the best picture of impressionable teens, but what’s to be expected when portraying the young and rich. This novel is an airy read that has promise for being and intriguing series.


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