Saturday, June 09, 2007

Rain of Gold By: Victor VillaSenor

This is a novel that has you sitting on the seat of your pants. It deals with lots of adventure, love, and tragedies, murder, and triumph over cultural barriers.

It deals with race, and culture. It has to do with Mexican survival.

This book in my opinion should be required reading in High School, and College level in History courses.
The novel is written in a smooth, and easy style that keeps the plot advancing.

The characters are very real, but always based in reality. The personalities are drawn, or felt like a family member.
The author weaves the parallel story of two families, and two countries, United States and Mexico. Men and women in whose lives are real, and the fantastical exist side by side; and whose hearts the spirit to survive is fueled by a family's love.
Colonel Maytorena is the main character of the novel. He plays the major role in a smal Mexian viallage.

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