Monday, June 25, 2007

Holdup by Terri Fields

This book tells the story of a Burger Heaven robbery. It is told through the different points of views of each person involved. That includes the employees, the robbers, innocent bystanders, the police, and a tv reporter. Before the robbery even occurs, the story introduces the characters, showing a bit of their personality and their motivation in life. Each character gets a chapter or two of introduction. Once the robbery occurs, the story shifts between characters in paragraphs, detailing thoughts as the event happens. After the robbery, the story jumps to a year in the future, exploring the aftermath of the robbery. Each main character has a chapter and some are even written in different formats like one character is interviewed and two characters are emailing each other.

The novel has an interesting concept, especially exploring so many different points of view, but for the most part it wasn't spectacular. The author did a good job creating different voices for each character but I didn't leave the story feeling wowed. It was also disappointing to see how little the characters changed from the event. Overall, not bad, but not great.

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