Thursday, June 07, 2007

Converting Kate - Beckie Weinheimer

Kate grew up in Phoenix, AZ and was raised by the Church of the Holy Devine. Her mother was also involved in the church, and her father wasn't no matter how hard Kate's mother tried to get him to attend/be involved. Her dad always spent time with her and was always at her track meets. Her mother always had some excuse for not going. Then her dad dies of a heart attack and a few days later her mom picks up and moves them to an Bed and Breakfast in Maine run by her Aunt Katherine. She starts school there and signs up for cross-country and makes friends with the rest of the team. When Sunday rolls around after the first week of school Kate tells her mother that she is going with Aunt Katherine to church, a traditonal Christian church. While there she meets Pastor Browning, the new pastor there and he encourages some of the youth to start up a youth group. Kate's mother doesn't want her to go, but she goes anyway. Kate starts rebelling against her mother after 15 years of being brought up in a strict environment. Her mother takes away her fathers books, which as her mom says are a bad influence on Kate, and basically makes her life a living hell. After a few months pass by Kate's mom begins to realize that she can't controll everything in her life. Kate's rebellion is her way of saying that she can start taking care of herself and doesn't need all of these restrictions placed on her by her mother or which church she belongs to.

T.B. 6/7/07

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