Monday, July 09, 2007

Dramarama By E. Lockhart

This is a novel about teens, girls, & boys who spent one summer at a School called Wildwood Academy. This is a boarding school for the performing arts; that tests the bond between Sadye, & her best friend Demi. Sadye changed her name Sarah to feel more at ease at her school. Sadye ends up being expelled from School because of all her off campus outings. Sadye brings hard liquor to her dorm, which she effentually she getss caught.Sadye was a student who was unhappy, because she never obtained a major role in, or part in a play. All her friends got major parts in different plays.

Sarah's friends were happy, & satisfied with their situation at the private school. This dorm life was an education by itself. The teens have to get along with each other in order to cope with arts School. You have to really try hard to be a friend of your roomate, or roomates.

I enjoyed this book very much; because when I lived in Mexico City I attended private School, & even wore uniforms.

LRD 7/8/07

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