Monday, July 30, 2007

"Duchessina" By: Carolyn Meyer

This novel is full of historical facts but presents them in fascinating ways. This is a novel about Caterina de Medici's life. She was born in Florence, Italy, but later became the Queen of France after enduring many hardships .

We might say, Caterina was the most wealthy girl in Italy durin this time. Yet she is placed, in a Roman Catholic Convent as a child for eight years. She must live like a nun, and doesnot receive adequate food for her childhood.

The Duchess receives the good news that she will move to Rome where she will live in the elaborate household of the Pope.Caterina, or the Duchess finds out later that the boy she dreams about lives in Rome. But unfortunately, the Pope makes him a Cardenal, so the Duchess hope of marriage are swept away ,& impossible.

The Duchess is a very determined woman, and very resourceful. "Caterina" ends up marrying theK ing of France. She is challenged in learning French. Marrying the King of France is a good option because the Medici family name is not well liked back in Italy. The novel takes place in the 1500's.

I encourage any teen, who enjoys History to read this novel.

LRD 7/30/07

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