Monday, July 30, 2007

"Runner" By: Robert Newton

This novel caught my eye right away. My Dad was a track star in University, and my brother Peter, who lives in Kentucky is a 5 k runner, and even has done marathons when he can. The author of this book is Australian. This book takes place in Melbourn, Australia in the 1900's.

Charlie is the oldest son of the family, and feels he is responsible for his Mother, and baby brother. You see the Dad dies, and the money is very tight in th household. Mother wants Charlie to finish his schooling. Charlie is not interested in School. Charlie becomes a courier for a notorious mobster. Charlie of course lies to his Mother, and realizes he is getting well paid. Charlie has to deliver liquor in the dangerous parts of town.

Charlie eventually, has to decide if he is working for the mob he may cut his life short.

Charlie meets Mr. Redmond, and Mr. Redmond encourages Charlie to start training as a runner. Soon Charlie competes in a big competition. Things work out for Charlie, and he becomes a hero.
Read the book, and you will learn how a young man changes, and has lots of courage.
LRD 7/30/07

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