Monday, July 02, 2007

Repossessed by A.M. Jenkins

This is the story of a "Fallen Angel" that takes over the body of a boy named Shaun. Kiriel, the "Fallen Angel," wanted to experience human life which he's been observing as part of his job. He takes the body of Shaun Simmons who is about to step in front of a truck. Then he starts to live Shaun's life. He only has a few days and, rather than acting like Shaun, he does his own thing. Much of his time is spend experiencing things for the first time and then he decides the "plant seeds" in hopes of making life for the people around him a little bit better. At times he has his own agenda, like trying to help Lane connect with Shaun who she's infatuated with just so that he can experience sex. For the most part, though, he makes up for Shaun's shortcomings in his family life and attempts to change the school bully. In the end, though, his time come on Earth isn't meant to last.

When the book ends, we don't really know if he was truly successful at changing the people he interacted with, which is nice. It's not a fairy tale ending where the characters have sudden epiphanies because of their interaction with the one person. Life isn't that easy; some people don't change. But the novel has created the possibility that they might change. The seed has been planted and it's up to those people to make the difference. The author also did a good job showing someone's first experience with the simplest things like feeling a T-shirt or taking a shower. This book makes you look at life a little bit differently. It makes you wonder if you're taking things for granted and if there are a few things that you might still be able to fix before it's too late.

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