Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ghost Hunting True Stories of Unexplained Phenomea from TAPS

The Atlantic Paranormal Society or TAPS is based out of Rhode Island and was founded by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. They are a paranormal investigation group that goes to houses, hotels, restaurants, battleships, lighthouses, ect. and they use the scientific approach to determine if a place is haunted or not. They use tape recorders to get Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP for short. They also use thermal imaging cameras and video cameras to try and catch any evidence of a haunting. They also use any personal experiences to help validate if a place is truly haunted, especially if there is evidence to back up the personal experience. This book chronicles some of TAPS early cases (which haven't been shown on TV) from a girl being possessed to a church that was haunted to a place with 2 good spirits and 1 bad spirit. It also chronicles a lot of the cases seen on the Sci-Fi television show Ghost Hunters which airs on Wednesday nights on Sci-Fi. A few worth mentioning are a light house in Florida where almost everyone on the investigation saw a black mass lean over a railing in the light house and said hello in a little girls voice (the evidence on TV looked really cool) to the WW II battle ship USS North Carolina to Rolling Hills Asylum in New York to The Stanley Hotel in Colorado, the setting for Stephen King's The Shining.

I really enjoyed this book, and liked reading about some of TAPS early cases. This book is for anyone curious about ghost hunting, or who just like to read true tales of hauntings from around the United States. If you want to see Jason, Grant, and the rest of TAPS in action watch Ghost Hunters Wednesday nights at 8 pm on Sci-Fi channel, and watch out because you may think you are alone but you may not be.

T.B. 10/23/07

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