Friday, October 19, 2007

Yellow Flag - Robert Lipsyte

Race car driving has been a part of Kyle's family for generations. Kris, Kyle's brother, is the star driver of the family. Kyle is like the black sheep because he wants to play his trumpet and not drive a race car. Kyle is part of a quartet in the high school band. When Kris gets hurt at one race Kyle has to fill in for Kris. After the race Kyle feels what its like to be in a race and get good standing. Kyle's dad tells him that he needs to fill in for Kris until he gets better, and Kyle's friends start to question his commitment to the quartet when he starts missing practices to practice for the next race. Once Kris heals from his injuries their sponsor has grand plans for the brothers to race and even have another car built, similar to the one Kris and Kyle have been racing in. In the end Kyle doesn't give up music but doesn't give up racing either. I don't watch NA SCAR or any race car driving but I did enjoyed this book. It shows how pressure from you family can affect you and your friends and even things you love, like Kyle playing the trumpet. There is pressure all around and Kyle does a good job in handling his family and friends, and in the end deciding what he really wants to do.

T.B. 10/19/07

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