Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sun Signs by Hrdlitschka

A fast easy to read "novel" written in a series of e-mails among 4 students in a virtual/on-line high school. This story nevertheless takes a look at some important issues. Some questions that are considered but not definitively answered are : Can you really fall in love with someone on-line? How much of a writer's personality comes out in e-mails (without hearing a voice or seeing body language)? How much of what people say in e-mails is true, partially true, outright lie, lie just to have fun? and How much does a belief system and a positive attitude (or the opposite) affect your happiness, sadness, health? Kayleigh has several distant study buddies from taking on-line high school classes. None of the four goes to regular high school. All have different reasons which slowly emerge. Kayleigh now has a science research assignment. Her teacher allows her to research astrology and whether it is accurate in it's predictions. Three distant study buddies agree to read their horoscopes and report to her. They become her source for data. It appears that the the project is ruined when it is discovered that one of the participants is providing false data. Teacher insists she continue anyway using the data whether true or false and writing her conclusions. This all happens while Kayleigh is being treated for cancer. She is a Gemini, sign of the twins and writes in a diary to her secret twin where we learn of her struggles, hopes, fears, successes and failures. Recommended.
JDW 10/4/07

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