Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Bottle in The Gaza Sea By: Valerie Zenatti

This author of the Novel is French descent, and still resides in Paris. I loved this book, because it shows how a male, who is Palestinian, and a Israeli young girl become fond of each other through a bottle thrown into the Gaza Sea with a message.

The Jewish girl called Tal, and the Palestinian man called Gazaman begin an E-mail correspondence, which Tal the Israeli or Jewish girl, sends him by way of E-mail to Gazaman. This worries the Palestinian, so Gazaman does not want to use the Internet Cafe's for security
reasons for sending his E-mails to a Jewish young girl.
Tal's Dad lends her a movie camera to photograph on the spot events happening in Jerusalem.
She actually takes a bus that was bomb, and gets hurt. She ends up in a Hospital. She turns out to be o.k., and leaves the Hospital. The Jewish girl is 17, and Tal has no clue of the Palestinian age. The Novel has many intrigues and excitements. The ending is surprising, but good. Read the novel, and find out more.
LRD 9/13/08

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