Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ten Mile River By Paul Griffin

The two main personalities are Jose, and Ray who live in an abandoned station house where they do not have the bear necessities . They are two teenagers always running from the Police for this or that. In fact, one of their jobs in New York City is breaking windows on luxurious cars like Cadillacs , and being paid cash from the garage owner that replaces the windows in the neighborhood . The owner of the garage is Mr. Joey . He is a father figure to the teens. The two teens are always up to mischief. They are trying to get cash for food, and clothing to exist in life . Their place of abode is dirty being that they collect stray dogs that live with them as their equals. The teens sleep with them at night one of the strays is blind, and old.

The teens go to a beauty parlor where they are treated like kings. It is close to where they live. Another adventure was the teens stole a Mercury Lincoln Navigator, and drove it to Joe's Garage, where Joe gave them money for the car. The beauty Parlor was owned by Yolie, and her cousin Trini. The younger beautician is friendly with both teens . She has a crush on Jose which leads us to be a very friendly relationship. Many times Ray and Jose have a cooked meal done by the beautician owners.

The two teen boys had to quit schooling because their presence in the public view would
would put attention on them. Police then could put them in jail for anything.

One night, there was a door knock on the front door, and Ray went in a different directions.
The Police shot at Ray seriously, and he could barley walk. Jose escaped, and kept running.
The novel is so good it is hard to put down. Read the novel & I am sure you will like.

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