Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Triskellion - Will Peterson

Triskellion, an ancient celtic symbol of 3 intersecting circles connected by another circle, is also the place where Rachel and Adam's mother is from. They are sent there after their parents divorce to stay with their grandmother. Upon their arrival they notice how strange the people are and the whispers behind their backs. Rachel also is having dreams of two people, a guy and a girl, from a long time ago, and the girl looks a lot like her. Only one man Jacob Honeyman, the local bee keeper, talks to them and tells them about the history of the town. He also talks about the gold Triskellion which is supposed to be hidden in 3 pieces in the town. Rachel and Adam along with Gabriel, the kid who can dissappear at a moments notice, start looking around for the pieces. Adam finds one piece beneth a yew tree in the forest, another piece is in the church, and the third piece is in a tomb which is unearthed by the telvision show Treasure Hunters. What will happen when all three pieces are put together? Whats the connection between the people found in the tomb and Rachels dreams? Why does Gabriel keep dissappearing, is there more to him than meets the eye?

T.B. 9/16/08

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