Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where People Like Us Live by Patricia Cumbie

Anyone who has ever tried to do the right thing and failed, anyone who did the right thing and suffered for it will appreciate this story. Libby will be starting high school in the fall. Her family has moved yet again and she tries to make friends. Her brother and sister handle starting over differently. Daddy seems to be repeating past mistakes. Life is hard. Then she meets Angie who paints a flaming horse for her and takes her to the railroad tracks to walk, talk, escape. As she gets to know Angie she also grows to understand that something is badly wrong and finally does what she believes is right. She shares her suspicions with her mother. Mom contacts the authorities and someone might go to jail for it. Angie might loose her mom to alcohol. These words from the story say it all: what Kevin was doing wasn't love. It was spoiling the idea of love. You're my friend, Angie. That means something to me. I couldn't let that keep happening to you. Libby loses her new friend over the telling of the secret but I think gains something too. This is a quiet sad story without a happy ending that some readers may find not exciting enough, not enough action. But others will appreciate the growing understand of the importance of family.
JDW 9/11/08

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