Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Comet's Curse - Dom Testa

A comet misses Earth, but the atmosphere is swiped by the tail of the comet. Little did the people of Earth know that the particles from the comet's tail would infect most of the adult population and kill them. Nine months after the comet has come and gone Dr. Zimmer proposes that Earth build a starship, select 251 teenagers, and send them off to Eos to restart humanity. The plan is approved and it will take the next two years to complete and to train the 251 teenagers that will be the crew. During those two years there is opposition lead by Tyler Scofield, who used to be a friend of Dr. Zimmer. The ship launches on schedule and the crew settles into their routine. After a few days Peter has an encounter with someone in the storage area, which leaves him and everyone else one edge. The next day Gap and Channy find a wall vandalized with the words "This is a death ship!" Council members Trina, Gap, Bon Lita, and Channy try to keep everyone calm, and figure out who this mysterious stranger is on board. When the ship's computer fails to respond to query's it will take all of the council members to take back the ship from the saboteur, who wants the ship not to reach Eos.

A quick read and a nice start to what should be an interesting series about the survial of humanity. I did like how the book flashed back to when Galahad was being built, and the selection process of the 251 teenagers for the ship. It's a part of the story and it helped bring the pieces together at the end.

T.B. 3/3/09

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