Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton By Carl Bernstein

This is a novel about the life of Hillary Clinton. Hillary grew up in Park Ridge, Il., & then went to Wesllesley College for undergrad, & eventually she met her husband at Yale & married Bill in Arkansas. Bill Clinton became Governor of Arkansas, from their Bill ran for President of the United States. Hillary supported Bill at whatever he did. The Clinton's were involved in Arkansas a scandal called Watergate which was buying land, & developing for homes. This project eventually went belly up. I wanted to read this book because Hillary was appointed by Pres. Obama to be Chief -of- State. She is very qualified to do this position. Once Hillary & Bill were in the Whitehouse as President, & First Lady, the Press claims Hillary was involved in Vince Forster's death. He was a lawyer that Hillary had worked with way back in Arkansas.It was a law firm called Rose Law Firm. Hillary had personal threats in major newspapers. The treats in the journals were very demeaning. For example, the journal said she had an affair with Vince Forster. They were good friends, & worked together. Hilary is a bold woman, and actually has stood up for her beliefs throughout her many heartaches.Bill her husband,who became the President of the United States had a problem with women. Hillary tolerated many times until Monica Lewinsky event took place. This incident put Hillary in a state of depression. Fortunately, their only child Chelsea at this time was attending Stanford University. Before President Bill Clinton ran for his second term, Hillary & Bill went to marriage counselling for many months. Life for the President & First Lady became better. At the end of Bill's second term as President, Hillary began running for Senator of New York.
This novel is very informative, and interesting at the same time. Great for readers in 11 & 12 grade.

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