Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sucker Punch By David Hernandez

This novel I liked, because it was written very honestly, and leaving no doubts in the reader's mind. The novel portrayed a family of two teen boys with their Mother living in Southern California. The Father walks out on on the boys & Mom and goes his own way.The 17 year old Marcus, an the 16 year old brother Enrique were glad that the Father left home. The Father was abusive with both son's, & had a terrible temper.
One day, when the boy's Mother was at work, the teens brother's found mail that depicted, and gave clearly their Father's address in Monterry. Both teens were in School, but this did
not stop them from taking a car trip to find their Father. There were two friends who went along for the adventure. Little did Enrique & Marcus know that their Father sent a monthly check to the Mother to help with expenses. In fact, the Father was receiving professional help to deal with his anger, and abusive ways. The four teens, who went on the car trip to find Marcus and Enrique's Father had to overnight in a Motel. Of course there were two extra people, & the two brothers jammed in one room. That was an experience of course. I will not go into details. The teens carried a pistol in their glove compartment in the car. Many times, it got them in trouble.
The two teens, and their friends find their Father after two tries of ringing his doorbell of his Apartment. They go in the house, and find their Dad has changed for the good.
This book is good for teens who might have an abusive Father. The reader might learn how they can handle the problem. This is a good read.
LRD 3/31/09

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