Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fate - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Bailey is part human, part Sidhe and is also the third fate. For the last two years at night she goes to the Nexus and weaves peoples lives with the other two fates. While she is in study hall the other two fates call her to the Nexus and tell her that her Reckoning will begin that night. Bailey tells Annabelle, Delia, and Zo what happened while they go out to eat lunch. On their way back to school they run into Morgan, who they encounted two years ago. Morgan gives them each a necklace, which can show whether something is Sidhe, human or both. The following night Bailey meets the other Sidhe, who turn out to be the Greek Gods. They tell her that on her day of Reckoning she must choose to either join the Seelie Court or the Unseelie Court. If she chooses neither the Sidhe will cross the barrier to the human world and wreak havock on the humans. To prove they aren't joking two of the Sidhe cross over and cause one of the poplular girls hair to be turned into snakes. When Bailey's day of Reckoning comes it will take her human friends as well as some of the Sidhe to help her become the person she is destined to be.

T.B 4/1/08

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