Friday, April 03, 2009

The Angel of Death by Alane Ferguson

Assistant to her father, the coroner, Cameryn has a gift for forensic investigation and has been deputized, a rare thing. First a dog, then a beloved teacher are found apparently burned from the inside out without any evidence to explain it. Solving the murder of Brad Oakes seems to be reliant on discovering clues about any secrets in his past and present life. Investigations point a finger at the wrong person and leave no one else as a possible. It looks as if this ugly murder may go unsolved as a random act of madness. Cameryn has a lot going on in her life. First, the new deputy sheriff is interested in her, though she is older and unsure what to think. When a popular student in her class takes an interest in her (or is it in her crime solving ability) she is flattered and begins dating him instead. Cammie and her father have lived a long time without her mother who deserted them. Now she has returned and wants to see Cammie, without the father's knowledge. And, Cammie's father has a new romance beginning with a judge in a nearby town. Cammie, her father, her friends are practicing Catholics. This is interwoven into the story and helps round out the characters somewhat. There are more problems than mystery to sort out. The story is not fast paced, but rather thoughtful. There are details left open at the end.
Ferguson has written a series of mysteries for teens and has won awards for some.
JDW 4/3/09

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